Boost your company with Tailored Share­Point Development Se­rvices. Our skilled SharePoint cre­ators assist in crafting, setting up, and blending SharePoint to pre­cisely match your exclusive ne­eds and individual stakeholder re­quests.

Navigate the web of modern work with ease, scalability, and agility with cloud computing-backed SharePoint solutions. Microsoft SharePoint – a web-based collaboration and document management platform - offers enhanced connectivity, greater collaboration, and never-before engagement. You can streamline and unify diverse processes with custom SharePoint Solutions – implemented at a built central location. This helps employees and teams in an organization access news, information and shared resources, and discover relevant content with built-in intelligence – from a common, shared source.

Microsoft SharePoint Development Services (1)

Enable or enhance remote working capabilities or collaboration across multiple locations with Microsoft SharePoint development – which allows for storage, organizing, sharing and access of data and information from anywhere, at any time. SharePoint can be customized and extended to meet specific business needs, making it a powerful tool for enterprise content management and collaboration. This ensures that every business size, scale and type can have its tailored solutions, aimed at collaboration, productivity, data security, scalability and multi-utility storage and work processes. With appropriate development of SharePoint for your organization, you can do a multitude of tasks like Data Management, Project Management, configuration of basic workflows, data analytics management, creating and deleting sites, content manipulation, addition and management – and much more.


A trusted and experienced SharePoint consulting service can help your business get the most out of this versatile and highly utilitarian cloud-based tool. With its umpteen benefits and features, SharePoint can be personalized for any business. A two-decade old Microsoft solutions partner and able SharePoint Development Services provider like atQor can help you with SharePoint Consulting, Development, Sharepoint Migration and Integration services, along with appropriate and on-demand support, maintenance and training advantage. Reach out to our Microsoft certified professionals or one of our representatives for a free Microsoft SharePoint Development Service consultation.

atQor SharePoint Implementation Approach

Planning White

After a thorough deep-dive of your organizational workflows and processes, our experts have come up with a detailed plan for integrating SharePoint solutions in tandem with your unique business requirements. Bases like custom solutions, integration with legacy systems and requirement of C-level executives are covered.


Prepare White

A roadmap is prepared and once all stakeholders agree, we get to curate MS SharePoint solutions. Our dedicated developers identify, search and detect required features and overall effect of SharePoint upgradation and integration. Issues found on the site are fixed, using command-line tools PreUpgradeCheck and Test SPConnectDatabase.

Proven Results In Implementation, Integration And Solutions For Dynamics 365 Suite White

After reporting all the details of the implementation, the users are informed of the configuration. Approval is sought, and once received, the implementation is started. In case of the upgradation of SharePoint technology to secure data and compliance, complete backup of the entire environment is ensured.

Check White

Our experts test, check, and examine the solution entirely, before implementation and integration. We study the performance of SharePoint solutions, based on real-time projects. After ensuring complete, error-free operation, our experts mark a solution ready for SharePoint Consulting Services.

SharePoint Development Consulting Service

In the current dynamic business landscape, with remote and hybrid work becoming a norm, it is vital for organizations to be digitally empowered and connected and have requisite support, environments and tools to thrive. Microsoft SharePoint is an amazing platform that allows for unmatched capabilities and Cloud-backed advantages. A trusted SharePoint Development and Consulting service provider like atQor can help any business think better, act creatively and accelerate growth and innovation by bringing in customized SharePoint solutions.


20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development Blue 20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development White

Experience of more than 20 years in SharePoint consultancy

5 Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation Award Winner Blue 5 Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation Award Winner White

5 Microsoft solutions partner designation award winner.

20+ Microsoft Certified Sharepoint Professionals Blue 20+ Microsoft Certified Sharepoint Professionals White

20+ Microsoft certified SharePoint Professionals.

150+ Sharepoint Project Practice Blue 150+ Sharepoint Project Practice White

150+ SharePoint Project Practice.

Served More Than 500+ Clients Blue Served More Than 500+ Clients White

Delivered 1500+ overall project in different technologies.

Cost Effective Solutions Blue Cost Effective Solutions White

Cost Effective Solutions

Scope of Our SharePoint Development Services

Partner with atQor to get SharePoint solutions for your business or upgrade your Micrososft SharePoint platform to match the changing business needs. We also offer SharePoint Migration services. Other things we offer include -

Harnessed Workflow Blue Harnessed Workflow White

Harnessed Workflow

Workflows in SharePoint are pre-written mini applications that automate and streamline several business operations. Incorporation of SharePoint services offered by atQor will offer seamless workflow of documents and automation.

Integration Blue Integration White


Our professional SharePoint development unit will assist your organization with CRM integration in SharePoint. Additionally, we help integrate ERP and client-to-server services to enhance productivity.

Customized Development Blue Customized Development White

Customized Development

atQor delivers what your organization needs and requires. Professional web designers and SharePoint developers will customize your solution and offer end-to-end design implementation, development services, SharePoint online services, etc.

Upgrading Services Blue Upgrading Services White

Upgrading Services

Start growing with the latest upgrading version of SharePoint to earn quick competitive advantage by utilizing a knowledgeable SharePoint development Company like atQor. From any legacy system or enterprise-level content management system, we provide migration and upgrade services pioneering.
Our SharePoint Upgrade Service's major goal is to deliver maximum ROI and reduce downtime.

Technical & Maintenance Support Blue Technical & Maintenance Support White (1)

Technical & Maintenance Support

With experienced and dedicated technical developers, atQor provides technical and maintenance support for your organization. We pinpoint performance problems and help the organization with quick solutions during downtime incidents. 

New Web Part Development Blue New Web Part Development White

Web Part Development

The useful web parts for SharePoint like calendar for scheduling task and events, alert system like birthday alert, anniversary alert, and more via email and SMS are provided by us. Additionally, atQor provides password management services, task and project management services, and workflow suite within web part development for SharePoint.  


SharePoint, an online management tool to allows users to store data files on the cloud and share them for further collaboration. It helps to create an Intranet where the team can work remotely from anywhere and share data. It works as a centralized admin to control, and allow users to open, edit, and share files seamlessly. As a SharePoint Portal Development services company, we use amazing features and functionality that benefit organizations in various ways. A few of advantages are listed below.  

  • User can create workflow and automate the projects with ease. 
  • Now, managing content such as source code, images, articles, etc. 
  • Collaborate with users through communication sites. 
  • Share files with internal and external users. 
  • Allows users to get access to their team and communicate better with smartphones.  

SharePoint Migration Services is a process to migrate applications and content from an older version to a SharePoint platform. It helps users to create a new digital workspace for streamlining their business processes and improve their business productivity. Your organization needs SharePoint to store data online in a more secure environment. Only limited people can get access to view their sensitive data. Businesses need more clarity to add more efficiency in their work.  


Yes, we do. As a Microsoft Solution partner, we have an excellent SharePoint development team to create dashboards, scorecards, and reports. We provide users efficiency to monitor their activities with ease. Our excellent SharePoint developers have technical knowledge of using various tools and publish them to your SharePoint site.  

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