atQor creates robust tech solutions that are adaptable, flexible, reliable, and secure. We create web & mobile applications & transform your operations digitally that helps you to increase productivity and revenue with reduced turnaround time.

Our Strength

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Tailored Solutions for Employee Experiences

At atQor, we recognize that each organization's workforce is unique. Our Microsoft Viva solutions are thoughtfully crafted to align with your specific employee experience goals. Whether enhancing communication, knowledge sharing, or employee well-being, our tailored offerings elevate your organization's work culture.

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Expert Implementation and Support

Choosing atQor means choosing a dedicated partner invested in your success. Our team of experts extends beyond the installation phase, providing comprehensive implementation support for Microsoft Viva. From onboarding to ongoing assistance, we ensure a seamless deployment that maximizes the potential of Viva in your organization.

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Security and Compliance Assurance

In the era of heightened data security, atQor prioritizes safeguarding your sensitive information within Microsoft Viva. Our solutions are fortified with robust security measures and compliance features. Trust atQor to protect your employee data, enabling a secure and compliant environment for enhanced employee experiences.

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Seamless Integration with Your Ecosystem

Your existing software ecosystem matters. atQor ensures Microsoft Viva seamlessly integrates with your current tools and technologies. Whether integrating with Microsoft 365 applications, third-party tools, or industry-specific software, our solutions facilitate a cohesive and interconnected digital environment for your workforce.

Our Services

atQor delivers tailored Microsoft Viva solutions, focusing on employee experiences, security, ecosystem integration, and ongoing optimization for transformative organizational outcomes.


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Tailored Employee Experience Solutions

atQor specializes in providing comprehensive Microsoft Viva solutions centered around tailored employee experiences. Our services encompass strategic planning, seamless integration, and ongoing support to ensure your organization harnesses the full power of Viva for improved employee communication, collaboration, and well-being.

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Custom Deployment and Implementation

Recognizing the unique needs of each organization, atQor's experts tailor Microsoft Viva deployments to suit specific goals. From initial setup to customization and ongoing optimization, we ensure a smooth and efficient implementation that aligns seamlessly with your organizational culture and objectives.

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Security and Compliance Assurance

At atQor, data security and compliance remain top priorities. Benefit from our expertise in implementing robust security measures within Microsoft Viva, safeguarding your employee data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

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Ecosystem Integration Services

Ensure a harmonious digital environment by leveraging atQor's expertise in integrating Microsoft Viva with your existing software ecosystem. Whether it's Microsoft 365 applications, third-party tools, or industry-specific software, our integration services facilitate a cohesive and interconnected employee experience, enhancing collaboration across all platforms.

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Training and Adoption Programs

Facilitate a smooth transition for your workforce into the realm of Microsoft Viva with atQor's comprehensive training and adoption programs. From interactive tutorials to live training sessions, we empower your employees to make the most of Viva, fostering continuous learning and improvement.

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Ongoing Support and Optimization

Choose atQor for continuous support beyond the initial implementation of Microsoft Viva. Our team is committed to providing ongoing assistance, troubleshooting, and optimization services. Ensure that your Viva environment evolves with your organization, staying efficient and aligned with your changing employee experience needs.

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