Level up your Business Value by adding one-stop-shop SharePoint Portals. 

Create a high-value relationship with your clients, employees, and partners by changing the way how your business works. As a Microsoft Solution Partner, atQor knows how to harness the collective knowledge and meet all the enterprise portal requirements. Connect to our SharePoint Portal development consulting services and get a clear idea about how to create robust web portals and add customized solutions using best secured practices.

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We leverage the power of Microsoft SharePoint development where our portal allows users to engage with team members, get connected, and support them in sharing resources. Whether you are looking for a new SharePoint Development or looking to enhance existing infrastructure, atQor offers an excellent SharePoint development service to help you focus more on your core businesses.

Collaborative SharePoint Portal Development

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SharePoint Development from Scratch

atQor SharePoint developer's team always keeps the limitation from coming on its way. We use out-of-the-box features and help users offer customized tools on both on-premises and cloud. Get ready to build up effective and tailored SharePoint solutions from scratch.

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SharePoint Consulting and Customization

Nearly 60% of the organization requires SharePoint consulting and customization for a better, more secure, supportive, and collaborative process. Make your business process efficient and tackle all project challenges by connecting with the best SharePoint Consulting Services provider company.

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SharePoint Intranet Consulting

As an excellent SharePoint Intranet consulting team, we know how to deliver company-specific requirements and assist you in choosing the most relevant features. We emphasize implementing unique business features and faster investment by helping users develop a project from scratch in a short time.

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SharePoint Intranet Design and Development

We are one of the user-friendly SharePoint Intranet design and development companies to help you create and boost your business model. One can build a perfect intranet for your company and reduce the overall time and effort to build portals. Enhance your experience by creating an eye-catchy and interactive SharePoint Intranet design.

Plan an Intelligent Workplace with SharePoint Portal Development Services

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SharePoint Internal Portal

Any enterprise has a wide range of collaboration and supports custom SharePoint internal portal development. The main goal of using this internal portal service is to keep a balance between SharePoint features and work activity. Add a rich tool and create an integrated community effectively.

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SharePoint HR Portal

Streamline the HR Process using a custom SharePoint HR Portal to increase productivity and tailor your requirements. Get centralized storage to maintain all your HR documents, including features like leadership boards, badges, and more to encourage employees.

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SharePoint Customer Portal

We are a SharePoint consulting services provider that helps customers build portals and add visibility into their businesses. Our SharePoint Customer portal that we developed will offer excellent customization and communication and help in gaining customers' trust.

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SharePoint B2B Portal

We develop an excellent SharePoint B2B Portal and add features that protect your multilateral collaboration. Our team supports you in gaining the business trust of all partners and vendors. We use a single communication platform that helps users add different content types.

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SharePoint Community Portal

We are one of the Microsoft solutions partners to offer the best SharePoint portals, which ensures your interest depending on your internal and external communities. We create SharePoint Community Portal to empower teamwork and collaborate seamlessly across organizations.

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SharePoint Learning Portal

We are the best SharePoint portal service provider to offer multiple opportunities to learn and socialize. We help organizations use learning portals and manage activities by implementing personalized training programs and adding unique skills.


SharePoint Development is a process to create SharePoint portals explicitly designed to help employees manage their day-to-day activities. They can connect with their employees' teams remotely and boost their employee teamwork. As SharePoint plays a crucial role in digital transformation, users can easily store, organize, share, and access data from any device. These features help organizations to enhance their business digital presence globally. 

As we know, SharePoint as an Intranet helps users to get personalized digital workspace. Use the modern intranet to add content from different locations and at different levels. Our certified SharePoint consulting team guides you in creating a SharePoint Intranet and implementing a user-friendly site for your organization based on your business and industry requirements.  

As a Microsoft SharePoint Partner company, we have a team that ensures to take backup of the data and test it regularly during the SharePoint migration process. This means we have a data backup at each step of the migration process and store it in a secure format at an easily accessible location. With this, our team ensures data security and integrity and can restore the data in case of any disruptions or failures.  

If your business plans for site assessment, it must consider a few aspects, including sampling, analysis, reporting, and quality assurance. With this, the organization needs to identify and assign respective roles and responsibilities to developers who can reach the milestones and generate a plan based on their SharePoint site requirements. A few of the recommendations include, monitoring, data access governance, service level agreements, SharePoint migration assessment, data access governance, configuring items, and search usage reports. 

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