Streamline your entire document management process and get a comprehensive solution for your business.

Using the DMS (Document Management System) is like getting control and tracking the whole life cycle of the documents. It works as a chain for documents to do it right from inception to deactivation. Once created, the document can be stored and tracked through each version. It covers its changing document feature by adding details like revision, modification, etc. atQor specializes in offering excellent SharePoint solutions that help organizations streamline the process by meeting customers’ unique requirements.


As a Microsoft solutions partner, we offer SharePoint DMS solutions to digitize your document lifecycle and help your business operations accelerate and improve productivity. Our SharePoint consulting service provider guides you in overcoming manual work and resolving collaboration and security issues. Moreover, our solutions boost teamwork and meet customers’ regulatory requirements by providing them with tailored-made solutions. Hire a SharePoint developer and eliminate your pain of unorganized document structure. 

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SharePoint Document Management Life Cycle

The SharePoint Document Management Life Cycle encompasses document creation, storage, retrieval, collaboration, and archiving. It involves version control, workflow automation, security measures, and continuous improvement, ensuring an organized, efficient, and compliant document management process from creation to disposal.

Plan An Assessment Customer Experience Plan An Assessment Customer Experience White

Plan: Our SharePoint consultant helps you plan what the document should contain and how it should be structured.

Create Data Driven Culture Blue Create Data Driven Culture White

Create: At this stage, a draft version of the document is released and numbered. Also, the document is sent for review to the customers.

Audit And Review With Reporting And Analytics Audit And Review With Reporting And Analytics White

Review: Here, the reviewer will review the document carefully and suggest the feedback and changes the customer has requested.

Automatic Content Classification Automatic Content Classification White

Modify: This is the phase where the modification is done in the draft version once the editor agrees to work on the required change.

Multi Level Approvals & Notifications Multi Level Approvals & Notifications White

Approval: Lastly, the document moves to the final approval stage, where the updated document is finalized, and subject experts sign the document.

Document Management System Services and Solutions for Businesses

Explore atQor's robust Document Management System (DMS) services and solutions tailored for businesses. Our expertise ensures efficient document organization, version control, and secure access, optimizing your workflow and enhancing collaboration. Elevate your document management experience with atQor's specialized solutions.

Harnessed Workflow Blue Harnessed Workflow White

Workflow Automation

Our SharePoint development team offers complete document automation by using templates, validation, real-time document collaboration, excellent workflows, notification, alerts, and more.   

Proactive Managed Services Proactive Managed Services White

Managed Metadata

It’s a term used to display data clearer and more user-friendly. Organize your data neatly, as it can easily replace the folders. Users can boost their productivity and improve consistency. Deliver data confidently with managed metadata. 

Automatic Content Classification Automatic Content Classification White


Get enhanced storage capacity by adding multiple types of documents in various formats. Our team helps process, capture, recapture, and easily represent documents. Use indexing and do enterprise research with the support of our team.

Document Management System Blue Document Management System White

Document Security

If you want to keep your document safe and secure, choose our SharePoint DMS services. We get easy access to track multiple features, including backup and recovery, versioning, restricted data sharing, and more. 

Timesheet Timesheet White

Real-Time Collaboration

Users can collaborate and share documents from various sources and locations. As a SharePoint solution partner company, we offer services that help easily track and monitor the workflow effectively. 

Meeting Capture Meeting Capture White

Capture and Validation

Get ready to digitize the documents in different forms to reduce data entry errors using automated data extraction. Use automatic checks to scan documents and reduce the errors like missing symbols, misspellings, and other manual fixing. 

Customer Experience Index Optimization Customer Experience Index Optimization White


Document indexing is an excellent feature and works as an intelligent DMS for meta-data and OCR technology. Our SharePoint developers use DMS smartly like we use full-text indexing, which allows us to locate the documents via textual phrases and portions. 

Version History From Any Document Version History From Any Document White


SharePoint DMS can help with its versioning. Sometimes, a document is shared back and forth, making it challenging to stay updated with the version. But, with SharePoint, employees can easily edit and check for updates. 

Advanced Compliance Advanced Compliance White


There are failed files that lead to an audit and compliance and ultimately suffer from regulatory issues. While there are reporting systems that offer reports when the requested documents don’t exist. With this, a customized report is formed and shared via email. 

Security Alerts Icon Security Alerts Icon White

Alerts and Notifications

The automated system sends notifications for document-related changes, which include new document creation, updated documents, approval workflow, and more, which authorized users to request. 

SharePoint Document Management System Capabilities

atQor's SharePoint Document Management System offers advanced capabilities for seamless document handling. Benefit from version control, collaborative editing, secure access, and workflow automation. Streamline your processes, enhance collaboration, and ensure document security with our specialized SharePoint solutions.


The document management system is a software solution used to manage files. Technically, DMS easily controls and tracks your documents’ life cycle. Users can create a document management system inside SharePoint on Metadata. 

  • SharePoint is everywhere, as most organizations use it. 
  • It is customizable, and 65% of businesses are using its custom functionality. 
  • SharePoint is a reliable tool and keeps the data safe by adding minimum server issues.
  • It comes with excellent storage capacity for large organizations.
  • One can use the advanced searching feature to find their document and search precisely.
  • Use the built-in workflow to collect feedback, approvals, and signatures.
  • Get a secure tool to keep your simple documentation. 
  • Capture data from internal and external organizations and put them into a centralized manner. 
  • Provide the real-time collaboration of documents from different locations.
  • Integrate the document and plan workflow accordingly for faster turnaround times.
  • Use the customized alert and notifications using a tailored-made DMS system.
  • Robust information architecture for lists, libraries, classifications, metadata, column indexing, and library views. 
  • Classify content library to organize the documents department and date-wise.
  • Using metadata to simplify the process and balance the business requirements.
  • Document security and permissions practices to secure the files. 
  • User adoption to make the simple structure and maintain essential upgrades. 

Yes, we have an amazing SharePoint integration team who can support users in providing DMS integration solutions. The integration help in getting better consistency and avoid duplication of files. Connect with our SharePoint experts and get DMS services based on your industry as we serve client across the US, India, and Canada.

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