Companies constantly search for solutions that can automate various tasks and in support of that search we have come-up with content categorization automation to build a substructure for knowledge curation.

Microsoft SharePoint Syntex benefits companies with advancement to amplify human experiences through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Teaching. The service adds values to content management & automates content processing to fetch the required data. atQor is a Microsoft Content Services Associate Partner and can support you with the existing technology tools i.e. Microsoft Graph, Search, and SharePoint.


To deliver a better processing experience we introduce all the technologies with AI to change the way your data is processed. With Project Cortex’s information, we organize and present the data in a way that shortens your employee workflows, strengthens company-wide knowledge sharing, and improves automation capabilities.


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Microsoft SharePoint

It transforms the content into knowledge & makes it ready to utilize for further task integration. Available resources of SharePoint Syntex are outlined to reduce the categorization operations of a company so that various departments can focus on their USPs. Many companies have underrated the importance of solid information architecture and metadata strategy but now with the increasing advancement in technology, they have started adopting new architecture for business growth.


atQor delivers the enhancements in SharePoint Syntex that can help companies get these strategies back on track. Classifying and tagging documents at a large scale can be a formidable task with the requirement of a human workforce though it’s an important task to configure a strong foundation of data verification. We offer support through which companies can build an enhanced set of knowledge recognition, conveyance, and curation capabilities in the near to mid-future. Sharepoint Syntex is initiated to automate structured / semi-structured documents’ and unstructured documents’ content categorization.

Our SharePoint Syntex Offering

We offer support for all intelligent content categorization task completion:

Automatic Content Classification Automatic Content Classification White

Automatic content classification

Enrich Content And Metadata Enrich Content And Metadata White

Enrich content and metadata

AI Powered Machine Teaching AI Powered Machine Teaching White

AI-powered machine teaching

Content Compliance Content Compliance White

Content compliance

Content Processing Content Processing White

Content processing

Streamlining Content Processes Streamlining Content Processes White

Streamlining content processes

Content Protection And Management Content Protection And Management White

Content protection and management

Process Architecture Designing Process Architecture Designing White

Process architecture designing

Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Services

Our trained consultants and technicians will assess each small to medium to a large aspect of your business and create a custom-made process flow to streamline the categorization. To get the best out of your investments connect with atQor’s well-trained and certified consultants for more secure and effective process alignment.

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