Explore how Microsoft AI SharePoint Solutions is revolutionizing content management and collaboration within your organization.

With over two decades of experience as a Microsoft Sharepoint partner company, we solve technology problems with SharePoint and empower the best employee collaboration and communication. atQor offers an excellent SharePoint team to automate the collaboration portals, align your business goals and solve common workplace challenges by bringing together all people, documents, and thoughts into a well-customized format. We recommend adapting SharePoint to work seamlessly across various platforms and devices as we have served clients across India, the US, and Canada. 


Accelerate your business growth by adopting our SharePoint app development services. We help you create an automated intranet management solution and get a unified digital workspace for users to innovate, integrate, engage, and connect with users globally. If you want to take your business to the next level, our SharePoint developers offer seamless integration and support to fulfill your requirements. Give your people an upgraded experience by choosing our Microsoft SharePoint solutions. 

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Sharepoint Intranet Consulting Blue Sharepoint Intranet Consulting White

SharePoint Intranet Development

Develop and customize your SharePoint intranet services and streamline your business processes for faster return on investment. Our team leverages SharePoint capabilities by creating an intranet that helps to tailor your customized needs.  

Content Management System Blue Content Management System White

SharePoint Content Management System

We have years of experience as a SharePoint service provider that uses the best content management system to create, store, modify, publish, and share information on a network platform. Additionally, our CMS services handle all technical processes with ease. 

Knowledge Management System Blue Knowledge Management System White

SharePoint Knowledge Management System

Our SharePoint KMS solution has simple access to the knowledge base to make decision-making easier. Streamline, store, gather, and share your organization’s assets with the team effectively. Add automated workflow to make it easier for your team to work on.  

Machine Learning Machine Learning White

SharePoint Learning Management System

SharePoint LMS solution is a process to upload learning materials, set reminders, and create a task list for employees to improve efficiency. Our Learning management system supports customers to reduce training costs, increase productivity, and achieve great results. 

Continuous Handholding Throughout The Migration Process And Beyond. (Handholding Or Guide) Blue Continuous Handholding Throughout The Migration Process And Beyond. (Handholding Or Guide) White

SharePoint HR Management System

To perfect your business requirements, use our SharePoint online solution, like the SharePoint HR Management system, to streamline management and safeguard your data. We have a professional solutions provider team to help you improve your HR processes. 

Partner Portal Partner Portal White

SharePoint Portal Management System

There are various kinds of portal management; among them, a customer portal helps get updated data, and a staff portal maximizes productivity and provides secure solutions based on your business requirements. Enhance your functionality by connecting with our experts.  

Define Customer Experience Maturity Define Customer Experience Maturity White

SharePoint Customer Service Portal

Keep track of your customers, services, and products, and use the best customer support possible. As a Microsoft SharePoint Partner, we provide the best customer service portal to increase the knowledge base, generate effective reports, and get everything in one place.  

Document Management System Blue Document Management System White

SharePoint Document Management System

We digitize your SharePoint DMS cycle by reducing the operation cost by 50%. Our SharePoint integration service provider offers better consistency across the company. Now, manage your significant data and add it to a centralized place.  

Employee Satisfaction Blue Employee Satisfaction White

SharePoint Employee Management System

Get ready to handle employee management-related operations, protect employees’ sensitive information, dictate document downloading, monitor attendance, keep track of leaves, and another enrolment course to measure employee satisfaction. 

Legacy System Blue Legacy System White

SharePoint Self-Service Portal System

As a Microsoft Partner, our portal is designed especially for employees to provide consistency and fulfil operational requirements. Our SharePoint consultant uses integral features and delivers a great user experience by adding personal records, time off tracking, company transparency, etc.

Vendor Compliance And Review Vendor Compliance And Review White

SharePoint Vendor Portal System

Use a web-based portal and collaborative app by choosing our SharePoint vendor portal services, enabling smooth and efficient workflow. So, streamline the purchase process by increasing efficiency and customizing the interface. 

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