"Revamp your workforce experience with Microsoft viva insights for better work habits that improve productivity."

According to research, employee engagement increases from 40% to 60% when organizations focus on solutions to their social issues.

For this purpose, Microsoft viva insights help the workforce boost their productivity and well-being by giving insights about their working habits for improvement.

However, all the personal insights of the employees are private, and only the dedicated workforce can access them.

Therefore, enterprises and organizations will utilize the suggestions and data-driven insights of the workforce to boost their productivity and wellness.

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Assessment Services

In this regard, atQor offers Microsoft Viva Insights consulting services to organizations and teams to prioritize important tasks, improve focus time, keep a balanced approach between multiple tasks, and enrich confidence.

Finally, we, at atQor, a certified Microsoft Gold partner, help solve the difficulty of the workforce to monitor crucial activities and improve it for increased efficiency with the Workplace Analytics tool – Microsoft Viva Insights.

Why Choose atQor as Microsoft Viva Consultant?

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atQor is the certified Microsoft Gold Partner
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Viva Insights Features Unlock New Employee Productivity

According to the research, it is revealed that nearly 52% of the US workforce experienced burnout and stress.

However, an enterprise can utilize the primary features of Microsoft viva insights to overcome this situation and improve the workforce's comfort and productivity.

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Easy to use reports

Enterprises can generate viva workplace interactive insights from the data and calculate the areas for the workforce to improve productivity.

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Automated Insights for managers

Viva analytics provide dedicated suggestions that help managers to understand the stress, burnout, task overload, and lack of focus of their employees. 

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Personalized suggestions for business leaders

Develop excellent work habits that help business leaders to visualize and resolve crucial queries of the team.

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Viva focus time

Organizations can utilize viva focus time that helps their workforce to save productive time with task planning and priority by avoiding distraction and multi-tasking. 

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Virtual commute

Employees can boost their productivity by summarizing the tasks completed during the day through Microsoft Teams.

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Take a break

Microsoft viva insights can play a video when an employee uses this feature and take a short break from their working hours, which relieves stress.

How Viva Insights Build the Culture of Your Organization

Microsoft Viva Insights is an intrinsic part of Microsoft Viva, which offers a platform for employee experience by integrating the innovative functions like learning, insights, resources, and communication.

The viva insights are integrated into the office productivity apps like Microsoft Teams. It helps the workforce and enterprises to improve productivity, well-being, and work habits with data-driven privacy personalized insights.

Enterprises can develop the right balance between their work productivity and employee happiness with secure insights and automated suggestions to create a complete picture of their viva workplace. 

Different types of viva insights are available for enterprises based on the departments to track and monitor their working habits, efficiency, and employee happiness.


Microsoft viva insights offer employees personalized recommendations and insights to track their working methods for increased productivity.

It also provides personalized recommendations and suggestions to individuals to deliver excellent results.

For instance, the automated suggestions based on the emails in Outlook include:

- Saving time from daily breaks. 

- Improve focus on crucial tasks. 

- Gaining additional knowledge to refine personal satisfaction and happiness. 


Microsoft viva insights for managers offer dedicated insights and predictions regarding the patterns their teams execute daily.

For instance, these activities include working late after work hours, task completion overload, lack of focus, and delay in task execution.

With the help of these insights and advanced prediction, managers help their teams with a solution that they can balance their well-being and productivity simultaneously.


The leader insights function of the Microsoft viva insights help business leaders to visualize the complete professional environment. Also, they can get an idea about how it affects their entire organization and ways to boost employee engagement.


Advanced insights will help business leaders with the suggestions and automated predictions about the opportunities to modify the working process and improve business growth. These recommendations from Microsoft viva insights help leaders execute steps to protect employee prosperity.


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