“Upskill and revitalize your team with the next level of learning experience through on-demand courses.” 


Frequent refreshing and gaining knowledge about the latest trends is mandatory for the employees to sustain in this highly competitive professional environment. 


All the enterprises are quickly adopting the digital workplace with the rapid development of technology, which imposes additional skill development on their workforce to meet the business requirements.  


Educating the workforce will uplift the confidence level in the skills they developed, and it aids in their wellness by improving the learning experience. 


According to the research, the talent and skills of employees are the top issues for 79 % of the CEOs. On the contrary, the workforce can grow their skills by 3.6 X when they receive good learning opportunities that increase their wellness and satisfaction.  



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To resolve this, Microsoft introduced viva learning, a centralized platform for skills development that enriched the learning experience of the workforce. 

For this purpose, atQor provides Microsoft viva learning consulting services that help foster a digital workplace by continuously educating employees with various learning opportunities. 

Furthermore, Microsoft viva learning delivers multiple content libraries and knowledge resources from the various learning management systems to the workforce for better wellness and employee experience. 


Why Choose atQor for Microsoft Viva Learning?

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atQor is the certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

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We have a team of viva consultants with years of experience and provide guidance that enhances customer experience.

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We hold 18+ years of technical know-how in delivering solutions with the latest Microsoft technologies.

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We believe in serving customers with timely, fruitful results and satisfactory services that help businesses succeed.

Viva Learning Features Make learning collaborative

Make the learning more interactive and engaging to the employees with these fantastic features of Microsoft viva learning. 

Course Recommendations

It automatically suggests dedicated learning content and courses based on the interest of the employees to develop the skills required by their organization. 


Bookmark courses

Employees can select, separate, and bookmark the learning content or courses based on their interest in the required skills.   


Advanced tracking of completed courses

An enterprise's managers and team leaders can seamlessly monitor, track, and view the progress of employees’ learning skills and courses enrolled. 


Assign learning tasks

This versatile feature of Microsoft viva learning allows managers, project leaders, and content mentors to assign the necessary learning tasks to employees. 


Browse courses

It allows employees and team members to explore and discover the dedicated learning content or course from the wide range of knowledge upgrading resources. 


How Viva Learning Easily Integrates Learning into the Workflow

Knowledge upgrade plays a vital role in sustaining employees in the digital workplace. The surface learning experience offers limited access to the content resources to the workforce. However, viva learning resolves this issue and integrates it into Microsoft Teams app that they use daily to perform tasks. In this way, it provides employees with access to the learning resources and the routine workflow. 


Microsoft viva learning gathers all the multiple learning resources and courses from different sources and places them in one centralized location. So, it becomes easy for employees to gain knowledge and update their skills from various online courses in one place with viva learning like LinkedIn learning, Microsoft 365 training, Coursera, Pluralsight, and Udacity. 


Viva Learning is successfully integrated into Microsoft Teams, which revolutionizes the knowledge upgrade process through social discussions. The employees can leverage the potential of messaging and chat functions to share valuable knowledge for personal and professional development. 


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