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Business trends change often with the technology's need and use. Therefore, we need to stay updated with it by transforming your business operations and maximizing the collaboration. Choosing our comprehensive SharePoint Consulting services helps to provide automated workflow and document management and boost your business productivity. Moreover, several businesses have yet to learn what SharePoint services they want to use. During this time, our SharePoint consultant helps them fulfil their custom need and support them in developing a plan.  


As a SharePoint Consulting Service provider since 2009, we offer an ultimate platform for users to deliver solutions that best suit your business requirements. At atQor, we provide excellent collaboration and support to help the team work better and grow globally. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft solution partner, we provide a roadmap based on your set timeline and budget. Moreover, our Microsoft SharePoint Managed IT services are far easier to implement. Meet your customized needs by adding Microsoft unified support and premier support services.  


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SharePoint Consulting Services

Custom Development Consulting White
Custom Development Consulting

Connect with SharePoint consulting company to streamline business workflow and integrate Microsoft SharePoint solutions to get professional help. Our end-to-end custom development services include development, consulting, integration, migration, and support.

Workflow Automation Consulting White
Workflow Automation Consulting

Automate your business process by connecting to our SharePoint consulting service team and adding automated workflow. We help design and implement a workflow that adds approval process, task assignment, improved efficiency, document routing, etc.

Intranet Consulting White
Intranet Consulting

Our SharePoint consultant helps to develop and design user-friendly SharePoint intranet portals. This portal supports your business in improving collaboration, communication, and knowledge-sharing. Get connected and create a personalized dashboard for your DMS System.

Integration Consulting White
Integration Consulting

We assist you in using a seamless integration using SharePoint development services. Our SharePoint experts know how to offer you a smooth transition while minimizing your business process disruptions. Build a responsive design and easy integration with SharePoint implementation.

Migration Consulting White
Migration Consulting

Want to create a smooth migration process? Use our modernized platform to add the latest upgraded version. Our SharePoint developers offer embedded models for deployment without disturbing an internal process and offering minimum downtime.

Support And Maintenance White
Support and Maintenance

We have a certified and qualified SharePoint team to offer consultation and handle all your SharePoint-related queries easily. Get quick SharePoint support from our expert and faster resolution of your problem within less time.

How does atQor help with SharePoint Consulting Services?

As a leading SharePoint consulting company, we offer SharePoint services to all sizes of businesses. Our skilled SharePoint consultant can leverage the capabilities and offer a solution to streamline the process and provide the best implementation. A few reasons why we are the best option for SharePoint consultation are listed below.

Get Tailored Solutions Blue Get Tailored Solutions White

Get Tailored Solutions

20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development Blue 20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development White

20+ Years of Experience

Boost Efficiency Blue Boost Efficiency White

Boost Efficiency

Proven Success Blue Proven Success White

Proven Success

Certified Sharepoint Consultant Blue Certified Sharepoint Consultant White

Certified SharePoint Consultant

24X7 Support And Maintenance Blue 24X7 Support And Maintenance White

24x7 Support and Maintenance

SharePoint Consulting Solutions

Intranet Design Blue Intranet Design White

Intranet Design

We know SharePoint is a platform that supports users to create an intranet as it's an internal network that helps organizations achieve specific goals and outcomes. Moreover, it can be integrated with SharePoint to take your business to the next level.

Contract Management Blue Contract Management White

Contract Management

Connect with our SharePoint Consultant solution provider to embrace the future of contract management and watch your organization thrive. Add automated version control, unified contract management, and other collaborative workflows.

HR Portal Blue HR Portal White

HR Portal

Build a custom SharePoint HR portal and streamline your organization's process from onboarding to learning management and knowledge sharing, along with increasing the productivity of your human resource team. Get reliable SharePoint consultant advice.

Knowledge Management System Blue Knowledge Management System White

Knowledge Management

Our SharePoint development KMS solution provider helps define and adapt various tools. Create a custom knowledge management site that allows you to share free knowledge across your organizations within a few clicks.

Document Management System Blue Document Management System White

Document Management

Now, eliminate the pain of unorganized document structure, use our SharePoint DMS solution to streamline the organization process, and boost teamwork by meeting regulatory requirements. Get accessible SharePoint DMS consulting services with the help of our SharePoint experts.

Policy Management Blue Policy Management White

Policy Management

With the SharePoint policy management solution, users can easily manage and track their policy renewal, expiration, and retention by offering reminder notifications and a policy calendar. Automate your entire policy across your organization and get a consistent approach.


SharePoint, a web-based tool offered by Microsoft, helps businesses and organizations to create intranet portals and collaborate with teams. Users benefit from streamlined workflow, excellent communication, centralized data, and enhanced document management. Companies should use SharePoint to tailor their requirements and achieve better outcomes.

We have decades of experience as SharePoint consulting service providers and support users to migrate SharePoint data easily. Our SharePoint developer will assist you in offering a smooth transition with minimal disruption and excellent outcome.

All you must do is consult our SharePoint development team to provide you with the estimated timeline after looking at the complexity of your project. Moreover, the simple solution might take a few weeks, and the complex might take a few months to complete. Connect to our SharePoint consultant and schedule your initial consultation.

Yes, we do have SharePoint developers who are experts in offering SharePoint integration with ERP, CRM, HR, and more. Additionally, our team can integrate into your existing system by enabling it with centralized data, seamless data exchange, and improved productivity across organizations.

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