Streamline the knowledge workflow by adding a cutting-edge knowledge management system.

Work faster by capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using knowledge management as your business solution provider. With 20+ years of experience, atQor holds relevant knowledge and helps users resolve issues. As a Microsoft solution provider company, we offer robust Knowledge management solutions to help organizations provide steady growth. Whether you’re a SaaS company or looking for a support desk for your internal employees, a Knowledge Management Portal can deliver the correct information to the right people.


The Knowledge management system works excellently for customers and businesses. Our SharePoint development team scales your businesses and effectively offers robust internal and external knowledge management systems. Get ready to tailor your business needs and keep your corporate knowledge updated by storing data accurately and accessing it efficiently. Connect to our SharePoint experts and use our custom solutions for on-premises and cloud deployments, enabling effective knowledge management.

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Significant changes Knowledge Management System adds to your organization.

50% Faster In Budget Calculation
Faster and Effortless Access

Implement a KMS system in your organization to get centralized data access and more efficiency in one place using advanced search capabilities to make informed decisions.

Customer Experience Portfolio Management White
Effective Omnichannel Customer Experience

Get a centralized repository to maintain information consistency across touchpoints. By integrating your system with KMS. Connect to use accurate data and personalized support services.

Document Foundational Decisions White
Improved Decision Making

Here, an enterprise-type KMS platform empowers customer support and offers employees relevant data and insights. This feature resolves the issue faster with increased customer satisfaction.

Calls, Video Calling And Webinars And External Collaboration White
Enhance Collaboration

Empower your employees to gain valuable insights into working with various teams and departments. KMS system as a solution offers more innovative strategies to drive future initiatives.

Knowledgemanagement White
Cost-effective Knowledge Retention

Our excellent SharePoint development team offers effective knowledge retention solutions based on your requirements. Get smooth knowledge transfer for new and existing members.

Improved Infrastructure Operations, Automation White
Improved Efficiency

Implementing KMS in your system offers an effortless employee improvement with a fantastic search filter to eliminate endless data hunting. Our team focuses on engagement and employee productivity.

Employee Onboarding And Offboarding White
Accelerated Onboarding

By adding a knowledge management platform, create a productive environment for your organization at a reduced cost. We make the training easier by providing streamlined and centralized data.

Our Knowledge Management System Integration

Integrate your Knowledge Management System seamlessly with atQor's expertise. We ensure smooth integration across platforms, maximizing the efficiency of your knowledge-sharing processes. Our solutions facilitate collaboration, streamline workflows, and enhance information accessibility, ensuring a cohesive and integrated Knowledge Management System tailored to your organization's needs.

Machine Learning Machine Learning White

Learning Management Solution LMS, a platform to manage, deliver, and track programs, helps organizations improve performance and efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Blue Dynamics 365 Human Resources White

Human Resource Management Solutions: Integrate HRMS with KMS for better productivity in your organization.

Get Custom Solutions And Tools To Suit Your Business Needs. (Solution As Per Business Need) Blue Get Custom Solutions And Tools To Suit Your Business Needs. (Solution As Per Business Need) White

Enterprise Resource Management Solutions: ERP and KMS share a standard feature, and both help businesses achieve their business goals effectively.

Solutions to Make Knowledge Management System Effective.

Enhance your Knowledge Management System's effectiveness with atQor's solutions. Leverage features like robust categorization, easy retrieval, collaborative platforms, and advanced analytics for informed decision-making. Our tailored solutions optimize knowledge sharing, streamline workflows, and foster innovation within your organization.

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SharePoint Wiki

Wiki works like Wikipedia and is designed to organize, store, and share data. Users can also add new pages, edit the current file, and remove outdated ones. Based on the requirement, one can use two types of Wikis, public and private pages. It does support various media formats, and data can be accessed anytime. Connect with our SharePoint developers to create a page like Wiki.      

Knowledge Management System Blue Knowledge Management System White

Knowledge Management Portal

Develop a fully functional SharePoint management portal by adding varieties of knowledge management capabilities. Get ready to develop a custom employee feature with the help of our SharePoint developers. We support you in contributing to the corporate knowledge, extending competencies, and, along with this, following the knowledge growth.

Identity And Access Management (1) Identity And Access Management White (1)

Knowledge Management Site

As a SharePoint solution provider, our developers create custom knowledge management sites where organizations can store their knowledge and collaborate with employees to improve continuously. The Knowledge management site was created to deliver public knowledge and ensure that free knowledge is shared around the company.

Calls, Video Calling And Webinars And External Collaboration Blue Calls, Video Calling And Webinars And External Collaboration White

Knowledge-Centric Collaboration Tool

As a Microsoft solution partner company, we have 20+ years of experience providing excellent SharePoint services and solutions to organizations of all types. Our team implements relevant knowledge-oriented collaboration tools to ensure the knowledge is shared securely. Connect with our SharePoint consultants to understand which tools suit your business.


Knowledge Management System by SharePoint offers an excellent solution for your businesses of all industries. Users can create, store, and share their knowledge with various organization team members by providing informed decisions and making work faster.

Create, organize, and access data from a centralized location. Use documents in attachment format, and search filters to define user permissions across different access levels. With KMS, the admin can get features to control the system and make appropriate decisions. Additionally, admins can change the logo of their incorporated identity. Use modern SPFx web part and an excellent multilingual search feature.

Three types of KMS are available, including enterprise based KMS, knowledge work systems, and other intelligent technique systems.

  • An enterprise-wide system adds structured knowledge, semi-structured knowledge, and a knowledge network system.
  • In the Knowledge work system, organizations can easily use powerful calculations in seconds while making excellent decisions, minimizing errors, and optimizing service scheduling.

Lastly, with artificial intelligence, organizations can capture individuals and extend their knowledge using collective knowledge.

Apart from using an ideal knowledge management system as a new era, SharePoint helps streamline business functions requiring no human involvement. It brings benefits like increased efficiency, creating robust communications, and collaborating employee workspace to access data from anywhere, anytime.

Yes, we have an excellent SharePoint team who offers a great way to organize your company’s data and make it easily accessible. We add enterprise knowledge management system and setup KMS in your existing system. Hire a SharePoint developer and discuss your requirement.

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