“Facilitate better learning, interactions, and talent by making knowledge more accessible.” 


The applied knowledge plays a vital role in the innovative technological world. For enterprises, valuable content and data resources are essential to improve their employees' efficiency and performance.  


The scattered information or siloed data repositories creates a huge challenge for businesses to save time in placing the relevant knowledge to work.  


According to the survey, it uncovers that an average employee in an enterprise could possibly save between four to six hours each week in searching for meaningful information from unorganized data resources. 


For this purpose, Microsoft introduces viva topics utilizing AI technology to automatically manage, generate, curate, and index precious information. It brings valuable and appropriate knowledge to your workforce using Microsoft 365 productivity apps daily.  


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In this regard, atQor offers Microsoft viva topics consulting services that solve the knowledge discovery challenge with advanced AI technology and delivers enterprise with quick information access.  

However, Microsoft knowledge management services make easier access to valuable content for employees to develop their skills and expertise helpful for business innovation and growth. 


Microsoft Viva Topics Features

Enable quicker learning, collaborations, and creativity by making knowledge more accessible. 


Effective knowledge management

It is the place where the content managers can create, update, and standardize the content, which is securely accessible by the employees of an organization in Microsoft 365 apps. 


Topic pages

It is a dedicated place where the AI automatically organizes the content from the discussion based on the content contributor’s recommended definitions and relevant data sources. 


Topic cards

This exceptional feature help enterprise and their workforce to render valuable knowledge and content across daily use Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, Outlook, and Word. 


Topic Centers

It is a centralized repository where employees can access the topics and knowledge resources available in their organization by recognizing relationships between the content. 


Identify topics

Viva topics utilize innovative AI technology that automatically discovers the related topics based on the search query of employees in Microsoft 365 applications. 


Content curation

This feature allows knowledge experts and enterprises to organize new content, topics, and information with easy access to resources. It helps content contributors update topic pages through AI services. 


Topic highlights

Employees will get the highlights on the topics and receive the meaning of the key terms while using Microsoft 365 applications. 


Search and explore topics

This unique feature delivers versatile employee experience in the search section of Microsoft 365 applications so they can utilize viva topics to gain the necessary knowledge. 


How Viva Topics Make it simple to find knowledge?

The centralized place to access the relevant content and information help employees expand their intellectual power for making better decisions. 


Viva topics provide versatile and flexible functionality to an enterprise for creating customized topics automatically through innovative AI technology. The highly intricate algorithm generates suitable data sources that help viva topics to showcase information related to your organization. 


Viva topics in Microsoft 365 allow the recruits and team members to access the necessary information with topic cards. It makes it easier to create valuable knowledge sources for the employees to utilize in their routine tasks. 


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