Enhance Employee Satisfaction and Connectedness with Yammer powered Microsoft Viva Engage – the latest Employee Engagement Platform, accessible via MS Teams & Viva Mobile App.

Many business leaders across the world, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and prominent female leader Liz Leigh-Bowler have emphasized the need for companies to continue re-recruiting their employees - if they wish to thrive in the new-normal world. The findings of the recent global hybrid work survey by Microsoft also corroborate the criticality of employee engagement, learning and development opportunities and horizontal growth options – in ensuring employee retention and happiness. It is now well accepted that if the employees are happy and thriving, the businesses invariably follow suit – and vice versa. Keeping these invaluable insights in view, Microsoft has recently launched it exclusively employee engagement platform – Viva Engage. With capabilities like Knowledge Management and Remote Work Support, it truly goes beyond the usual social networks. Viva seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft solution tools and suites.  

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As someone wise once said, “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever!”. Aimed at enhancing connectivity and ease of communication, along with a sense of belongingness and purpose, across the organization, adding to the worker happiness, motivation and positivity – Microsoft VIVA ENGAGE encourages much-needed conversations among employees – wherever they are working from.


Viva is a progression from Microsoft’s earlier enterprise social networking tool – Yammer. Viva is also different from Teams in a way that it allows for Communities that are bigger, wide scale, larger and across organizations. Both Viva and Yammer can be used for organization-wide communication as well as one to one or one to many conversations. Viva Engage is fresh and now available for use – and comes as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite – and allows companies to work towards great employee experience and engagement through communities, conversations, events and open sharing. Are you looking to get this brilliant employee connectivity tool for your organization? Get in touch with a Microsoft 365 specialist from atQor – an experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner – to know more and also understand how Viva Engage can work for your business.

What can be done with Viva Engage?

Open Discussions Among Employees White (1)
Open discussions among employees
Join Or Create Communities White
Join or Create Communities
Seek Feedback From Each Other Or Different Teams White
Seek feedback from each other or different teams
Curate Hold Join Online Events White
Curate/ Hold/ Join Online Events

Why Microsoft Viva Engage?

In the new normal, where workers and teams may be working remotely, from anywhere in the world – the employee engagement is of paramount importance. Even for organizations, where their staff works primarily from office, Microsoft Viva Engage can help people connect across teams, multiple locations/ offices and departments. atQor experts can guide you to use this brilliant tool to your advantage. Some of the key reasons, you need to get in touch with us today to harness Viva Engage include - 

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction Blue (1) Enhanced Employee Satisfaction White (2)

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Enriching, Stimulating Conversations Blue (1) Enriching, Stimulating Conversations White (1)

Enriching, Stimulating Conversations

Simple, Intuitive User Experience Blue (1) Simple, Intuitive User Experience White (1)

Simple, Intuitive User Experience

Multi Language Support Blue (1) Multi Language Support White (1)

Multi-Language Support

Transparency Blue (1) Transparency White (1)


Positive Work Environment Blue (1) Positive Work Environment White (1)

Positive Work Environment

Key Features of Microsoft Viva Engage

What do you get when you use Microsoft Viva Engage? There’s tons and it just gets better with this intuitive platform. As a part of Viva platform and Microsoft 365, Viva Engage is integrated with other apps and resources – and is being used by thousands of organizations across the world. Foster meaningful relationships at work with the following features of Viva Engage -

Custom Reports and Dashboards (1) Custom Reports and Dashboards

Personalized Feeds & Customizable Dashboards

Knowledge, Task & User Management Capabilities Blue (1) Knowledge, Task & User Management Capabilities White (1)

Knowledge, Task & User Management Capabilities

Reporting, Analytics And Insights Blue (1) Reporting, Analytics And Insights White (1)

Reporting, Analytics and Insights

Leadership Communication & Announcements Platform Blue (1) Leadership Communication & Announcements Platform White (1)

Leadership Communication & Announcements Platform

Available As A Mobile App Blue (1) Available As A Mobile App White (1)

Available as a Mobile App

AI Powered, Secure & Compliant Blue (1) AI Powered, Secure & Compliant White (3)

AI-Powered, Secure & Compliant

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