Streamline your HR processes and go beyond traditional management to automate and transform employee experiences.

SharePoint Human Resource Management System offers an excellent solution for organizations to streamline their employee lifecycle and increase employee engagement. As a Microsoft solution partner, our professional SharePoint team provides solutions that best suit businesses of all sizes. Our SharePoint HRMS solutions include HR operations that help identify the areas requiring automation. The automation reduces the overall cost of HR and transforms HR functionality. With 20+ years of experience providing the best SharePoint solutions, atQor developed a unique HR dashboard to access information from a centralized location.


Our SharePoint developers manage the lifecycle of your organization’s workforce and create a collaborative environment, including core HR operations, learning management, recruiting and applicant tracking, compensation and other benefits, employee performance tracking, and more. Our SharePoint HRM solutions include Microsoft SharePoint 2010 server, SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint 2016 Server, and SharePoint 2019 Server. Use our HR app and module for better configuration of your organization. Connect with our SharePoint developer to create a workflow based on your requirements.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint HR Management Solutions

Dynamics 365 Human Resources White
Core Human Resource

Our core HR offers a feature to take control over all HR tasks, including automated organization charts, by understanding the roles and responsibilities of the individuals. Get centralized storage from where employees can access data from anywhere, anytime. Get access to the custom reports and design the unique business requirements by adding integration.

Low Code No Code Web And Mobile Application White
HRMS Mobile

An employee can easily manage their personal data through mobile and search for documents, send leave requests, approve absences, and use functions through mobile devices. Employees can access personal data, streamline communication with co-workers, accelerate performance, track time and attendance, and share calendars when working hybrid or remotely.

Employee Satisfaction White
Employee Lifecycle Management

We provide excellent document management cycles to support various employee transitions. It includes onboarding, transfers, promotions, offboarding, and other automated approvals procedures for employee-related transitions. Choose us to use the best SharePoint consulting services and develop HRMS based on your business need.

Information Protection White
Employee Information Management

We add a fantastic feature to your employee dashboard, including personal data, name, number, address, education, and other employee details stored in an employee database. Users can use a search filter to check skills, departments, experience, etc. Moreover, add automated notifications, and generate reports.

Guiding Policy White
Policy Management

In this module, we help organizations to create HR and employee management systems to track updated policies. The system adds a dashboard that shows an overview of active policies, a database to store policies in multiple formats, training, and acknowledgment, and an automatic alert that offers notifications for upcoming training, policies, and other activities.

Identity And Access Management White (1)
Attendance Management

Our SharePoint developers create an effortless dashboard for your human resources operations by managing the organization’s employee time and attendance. Connect with the best SharePoint implementation service provider and develop a time-tracking system to track your employee’s daily activities and analyze the employee self-service portal.

Flexible Payment Options White
Payroll Management

We have SharePoint professionals who maintain payroll data, including labor hours, any deductions, overtime, and other taxes, with keeping track of approving wage adjustments. Now, use our payroll management system and increase hiring efficiency by 2X, along with improving your organization’s productivity.

Machine Learning White
Learning Management

SharePoint LMS can be planned and well-executed in the HR Portal to develop high-performing employees. Give a learning environment to your employee, add user-friendly design, schedule meetings, classroom training, webinars, and get analysis of attendees and trainers. Additionally, our SharePoint consulting service team guides you in how to create a specific learning process.

Few of our other HRMS Service Options

Discover our range of HRMS service options for comprehensive and tailored solutions.

SharePoint Development: We have a SharePoint development team who can guide you in changing the code and help you add additional functionality.

SharePoint Migrations: Our SharePoint Migration developers understand your requirements and use third-party tools and Microsoft Office 365 products as solutions.

SharePoint Customization: Develop additional features based on your business requirements by enabling additional workflow customized according to the brand and theme you asked for.

SharePoint HR Management Benefits

Explore the benefits of SharePoint in HR management for enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes.

Efficiency & Productivity Snags Blue Efficiency & Productivity Snags White


We know that the team drives organizations and depends on the member. We deliver a deeper understanding of a workforce that can bring excellent efficiency to your business.

Servicenow Administration Services Servicenow Administration Services White

Administration and Labor Costs

Now reduce admin and labor costs drastically by adding automated hiring, training, onboarding, and various HR activities. Connect to our SharePoint developers to automate your system.

Intelligent Security Intelligent Security White

Reduced Security Breach

The sensitive and valuable HR data can sometimes lead to severe business problems. Our excellent SharePoint team knows how to overcome security and reduce privacy risks.

Flexible Engagement Models Blue Flexible Engagement Models White

Engagement and Satisfaction

One can increase employee engagement by building robust, social, and other gamification elements to improve recognition and effective employee request management.


SharePoint HRMS can be used both on-premises and cloud-based. It also depends on the specific organizational situation and their needs. However, our SharePoint experts recommend using a cloud solution for added security.

We offer excellent SharePoint solutions that match your organization’s needs. Moreover, you can use various automated requests and payroll management to develop an application tracking system that can easily manage candidates when needed.

The primary purpose of SharePoint is to create websites and use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access data from anywhere. The three major types of HR software include HRIS (Human Resource Information System), HRMS (Human Resource Management System), and HCM (Human Capital Management).

Our SharePoint HR Management team offers an excellent security feature to protect users’ data. While most users add Microsoft 365 security groups or can use Azure AD to restrict access control, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and more to ensure authorized users get access to SharePoint.

The organization uses an employee HR portal to help employees look for the documents and keep them centralized. Using this portal, employees won’t need to switch between networks or from different platforms for updates. They can modify the information and add valuable data to the portal.

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