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With 20+ years of experience in offering SharePoint Solutions, we are one of the best Microsoft Sharepoint solution partner companies to provide self-service portal solutions. A SharePoint Self-service portal is a platform that allows users to publish software to any targeted system. Moreover, unlike any manual software deployment, users can publish the software list to their group and empower users to install them based on user requirements. Get a user-friendly and customizable request portal, full support, configurable user request forms, and approved workflow.


We have an excellent SharePoint professional who can empower users to install software based on their requirements. Our SharePoint developers help save the user a lot of time and enhance productivity. We understand the customer’s needs and create a site in different web applications regardless of where it’s hosted on a local or remote farm. The primary purpose of our Self-service portal is to add self-help functions that enable users to request services, find data, register, and resolve issues.

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Our Optimal SharePoint Self-Service Portal Solutions

Easy To Use Dashboard White
Dashboard and Analytics

Users can create interactive dashboards to monitor portal usage, track user feedback, and can identify areas of improvement. With this, users track the portal success and make the necessary adjustments and improvements that require time.


Icons8 Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Base

Our SharePoint developer creates a complete knowledge base that includes FAQs, articles, and guides to help users find answers to their queries. We support our customers in looking for the information they need with great accuracy from our IT and support staff.


We Provide Detailed Azure Subscription Documentation
Document Management

To upload, organize, and share documents easily, our SharePoint team implements versioning and access controls while maintaining data integrity. Moreover, users can store and share documents securely by tracking documents.


Priva Subject Rights Requests White
Request Management

The self-service portal can set up custom forms and workflows for various requests, including leave requests, IT support tickets and equipment requests. This way, users can submit requests easily and get track of the request status.


Community White
Community Forums

Create discussion forums by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. With this, the users can look for their questions, share ideas, and engage in discussions. This solution helps users connect and share knowledge to improve efficiency and revolution.


Training White
Training and Onboarding

As a SharePoint solution partner, we understand the customer requirements and provide onboarding materials, training videos, and resources for new employees. This solution makes learning about the organization’s policies and procedures easier for new employees.


Our SharePoint Self-Service portal capabilities to match with your industry.

Tailoring SharePoint self-service portal capabilities to align seamlessly with the unique needs of your industry.

Enhanced Research Blue Enhanced Research White

Search Functionality: Use a robust search feature to find information quickly and accurately within the portal. This feature helps users search data quickly and easily without looking through multiple pages or documents.

Multilingual Knowledge Management Multilingual Knowledge Management White

Multilingual Support: We offer multilingual support to cater to varied user groups. Using this feature, one can access the portal in their preferred language and improve their experience effectively.

Integration Blue Integration White

Integration with Other Systems: Our professional SharePoint team implements a self-service portal and integrates it with other businesses like ERP, CRM, and more to streamline processes and exchange data.

Security Alerts Icon Security Alerts Icon White

Security and Access Control: Give users access to only the information that is relevant to their roles to ensure proper security. Protect your organization’s data by connecting with our SharePoint-certified experts.

Low Code No Code Web And Mobile Application Low Code No Code Web And Mobile Application White

Mobile Accessibility: We design a mobile-friendly portal that provides users access to their devices, enhancing accessibility and productivity.

Keep your remote workforce engaged with SharePoint Self-service Portal

Partner Portal Partner Portal White

Modify Portal to Match Branding

SharePoint employee self-service portal and Office 365 can be customized to change their look and feel. Users build intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces to give a classic SharePoint design without requiring code. Connect to our SharePoint consulting service team to empower users to get excellent responses.


Automated AI Automated AI White

Automate the Repetitive Request

The SharePoint self-service portal allows users to easily process requests and provide immediate responses. With Power, Automate, get a customized email, and create a flow that integrates with your SharePoint portal from scratch.


Workflows Blue Workflows White

Workflows and Forms

The SharePoint portal offers a proper format for specific users. These forms are dynamic, responsive, and stored in business databases workflow. A workflow is a form, and they can easily automate their fulfilment process.


Robust And Customizable Workflow Engine Robust And Customizable Workflow Engine White

Robust backend applications

Our SharePoint developers know how to create and view requests in the SharePoint self-service portal. Users can easily manage and track requests like human resources, IT help desk, finance, asset management, and more using this portal.



A self-service portal is a website that adds self-help functions such as enabling and approving customer requests. A few examples of self-service customers are asking for information, requesting to register, and resolving issues effectively. The self-service portal allows end users to perform various tasks, including submitting a service request, getting access to the solutions, tracking, and managing existing tickets, submitting a service request, and other viewing announcements.

The employee self-service portal can turn your Office 365 and SharePoint into a next-generation portal. They are mainly designed to automate the process flow and reduce the cycle of providing services. Use the self-service portal that offers centralized help desk, centralized documents, service central, and employee directory for all sizes of businesses.

It helps users minimize the risk by managing their identity, reducing downtime, and other costly help desks. Also, get simplification access to the apps where employees can easily search and get access to critical tools. At the same time, one can reduce the security risk by monitoring the activity and reporting its shady behavior. 

Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) supports users to empower the self-service portal setup and use them for password reset, app launch, account management, registration, and get access to different features. As a Microsoft solution partner, we have 20+ years of experience in offering SharePoint Development services, connect with our experts and get proper guidance based on your business requirements.

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