Transforming your employee experience and optimizing employee management through a SharePoint Workplace Management Solution can greatly enhance organizational efficiency and collaboration.

atQor, a Microsoft Solution Partner company, specializes in guiding small to large enterprises through the journey of digital transformation. Our dedicated teams of SharePoint consultants are well-versed in comprehending your unique business needs and delivering tailored solutions. With a focus on scalability, reliability, and automation, we ensure that your business processes are optimized for efficiency and productivity. Our SharePoint solutions are meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless integration, foster collaboration, and empower your organization with top-tier employee management systems. Whether you're looking to streamline workflows, enhance communication, or improve document management, atQor is your trusted partner for driving success in the digital era.

Microsoft SharePoint

As the best SharePoint solutions provider, we have 20+ years of experience serving the industry, know how to increase employee engagement, and deliver excellent customer experience. Our employee management system gives access to personal records, allows employees to track their leave balances, request time off (for both mobile and desktop versions), share company policy and other information, and get individual reports and other project analyses into one platform. 

SharePoint Employee Management Services

We Provide Detailed Azure Subscription Documentation
Document Management System

Our SharePoint developers offer a DMS system as a solution to store, manage, and track documents across the system. Some SMEs use file management tools to store their files, but managing files becomes complex as organizations grow. Therefore, you need a SharePoint document management system to secure, manage, and store documents. 

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Learning Management System

If you want an amazing LMS system for employee engagement, choose us to get a customized solution and improve your overall SharePoint experience. Using our solutions, one can unlock several features, including process automation, enhanced forms, task lists, shared calendars, and more, to integrate seamlessly into your current system. 

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Knowledge Management System

We provide the best KMS as a solution for your business and streamline the data based on your departments. As a SharePoint development company, we offer robust knowledge management systems to generate more revenue and a powerful platform for efficient use. Our SharePoint developers use the right tools and workflows based on your needs. 

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Project Management System

Within a few years, SharePoint has become a popular web-based collaboration platform that can meet all business needs by offering a centralized storage place, enabling collaboration, custom workflows, integration, and security features to create reports while keeping track of your project. Get connected to develop a project management solution for your organization. 

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Internal Communication

Using good communication as an ultimate feature is the best solution. Our SharePoint consultant knows how to develop the best internal communication tool to improve employee productivity. Moreover, the tool allows remote access, which ultimately helps users connect better from anywhere. 

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Integration with Microsoft 365

We have an amazing SharePoint team that is integrated with various platforms. Our solutions come with a Microsoft product, including PowerPoint, Word, OneDrive, Skype, and more. Moreover, our SharePoint developer supports developing a productive workplace for accessible communication. Integrate it with a planner to manage tasks and projects, saving more and staying focused.                

Calls, Video Calling And Webinars And External Collaboration White

If you want to make your organization more productive, then adding collaboration as a solution is the best way to manage your employees. Additionally, the tool helps to collaborate the files from any device to any location. Improve employee productivity and give your organization a flexible, user-friendly, and smarter file collaboration.

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Service Desk

Our Service desk works as a SharePoint ticketing system that is simple and customizable. Using this tool, employees can manage technical requests, share training materials, track their time status, add categories, improve performance, get reports, set time frames, and handle issues to increase their employees’ efficiency. 

Create a Hybrid Workplace with Employee Directory Solutions

Transform your workplace into a hybrid model seamlessly with atQor's Employee Directory Solutions. Enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and empower your workforce for a modern, flexible, and connected working environment.

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Dashboard View

Get a dashboard view of individual employees and create a profile by adding essential details like personal information, designation, activities, project task, generating reports, maintaining leaves, raising tickets, and more. Our SharePoint developers can help you with a customized dashboard based on your requirements.

Evaluation Of Your Organizations Approach Evaluation Of Your Organizations Approach White

Organization Chart

One of the best solutions is creating an organizational chart. The chart displays your organization’s hierarchy by showing the different relationships among functions, departments, team members, and individuals in a graphical representation. This graph shows the roles and responsibilities of each employee working remotely from the office.

Web API Framework Web API Framework White

SPFx Webpart

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) works as a page and a web part model to provide full support for client management. Moreover, our team helps easily integrate with SharePoint by extending Microsoft Teams. Create a custom web part for your business and update your classic pages into modern ones.

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Birthday Reminder

If you want to create a Birthday reminder in SharePoint, we have a team that helps organizations make their employees feel special on their birthday. Our experts add the birthday reminder on the dashboard along with a photograph and personalized greeting to celebrate the day.


  • To have seamless communication.
  • To create an employee database management system.
  • To improve employee collaboration.
  • To plan strategically.
  • For internal meetings and collaboration. 
  • For report generation

Today, several organizations are using Microsoft software to create websites. At the same time, it comes with a secure place to store, organize, access data, and share from any device. You only need a web browser that includes Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more. 

We have an excellent SharePoint Development Team who use workflows that help to simplify the process and offer easy access to platforms. This will automate your business flow by adding automated tasks to save time and money in parallel. 

As we know, Microsoft Teams is the main hub for teamwork as it’s a tool that allows us to chat, collaborate, carry on meetings, integrate with other apps, and more. While SharePoint Intranet and SharePoint online mainly work as a document management to store, collaborate, and share data across organizations by working as a part of Microsoft 365. 

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