In the present, highly competitive world technologies, processes, and everyday concepts in different fields are changing at a fast pace. As a result, an organization has to migrate from an established system if it has to keep on getting desired results. In a way, it has become an integral part of the growth of any organization. In many cases, the process of migration becomes an ordeal.

There is no easy button for Office 365 migration or even a SharePoint. Users need 100% uptime. The management agrees and needs consumer information, security, and permissions. The staff anticipates that you have assessed every governance and compliance necessity. They all agree that migration needs to equal an environment with greater speed, protection, and searchability.

Our solutions help in Lotus Notes, Gmail, Zoho, and much more to Office 365 Migration. It allows you to include metadata features on the fly, keep the best of your investments provide the flexibility to move content to new places, and identify the content that you have today.


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SharePoint Office 365 Migration

Why atQor for SharePoint Office 365 Migration Services?

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Proven Methodology

Our migration service team uses the best practices to perform complex migration from office 365 and SharePoint worldwide.

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Eliminating Risk

Migrating to a new version of SharePoint when transitioning to the cloud is tough. We help you through this risk with ease. 

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Dedicated Expertise

Our dedicated Microsoft-certified team has helped several customers to move to Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

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Award Winning Service Company

As a leading SharePoint Office 365 Migration Services provider, we have 22+ years of experience across various industries.

Get ready to migrate all your work, like cloud files, legacy systems, mail, and Microsoft Office 365 tenants, into Microsoft office 365. No matter the path, one needs to use a proven and well-tested approach. Users need to maintain data integrity without compromising any security. 

If you are looking to optimize your migration, our solutions can assist your team program and deliver migration achievement.atQor facilitates enterprises to migrate from SharePoint on-premise setup to Online. We assure that the migration enables the enterprises to maintain all of their on-premise environment functionalities while the enduring benefits of the features of SharePoint online


The features depend on the plan your business is subscribed to. Recently, I needed to migrate my SharePoint On-Premises environment however, could not find any step-by-step guide to upgrade.


Our planned Exchange on-premise to Office 365 solution helps companies achieve their migration policy seamlessly and painlessly. If you’re not sure about the migration level needs of your business, we can help you by evaluating your needs and providing you a smooth and efficient migration solution.​

Benefits of SharePoint Office 365 Migration Services

Microsoft 365 is growing, and businesses are gaining their business valuation for all industries. One can migrate to the cloud platform for flexibility and user-friendly business benefits. Our team uses the SharePoint office 365 migration services to move an organization's data from on-premises to cloud-based SharePoint online services.

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Improved Collaboration

Office 365 offers a centralized platform to store, organize, and share information using teamwork and collaboration. 

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Increased Mobility

Use SharePoint to access data from anywhere using the internet connection, enabling remote work, and increasing productivity.

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Now, quickly scale your growing business with SharePoint in office 365. We provide a flexible solution for all your business requirements.

Decrease Costs Decrease Costs White

Reduced IT Costs

One can migrate to SharePoint in office 365 at a reduced cost and by managing on-premises infrastructure and tools.

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Enhanced Security

Office 365 offers robust security solutions covering data encryption and multi-factor authentication.

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Integration with office 365 Apps

Integrate seamlessly with office 365 applications such as OneDrive, Exchange, and Teams to get a unified experience.

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