"Embraces revolutionize and modernize employee experience by enhancing communication, engagement, and interaction for remarkable success."


According to detailed research, it is found that organizations receive 4.6X more quality work from their workforce when they improve two-way communication and deploy suggestions delivered by their employees. 


In the technological era, effective communication amongst the workforce is essential for the workplace to transform into modernization. 


In this regard, Microsoft viva connections help the workforce to stay connected with their team members and groups, engage in discussions, and be informed about the professional news of an organization.  


However, viva connections provide a dedicated framework for the enterprises to deliver intranet to their employees.  


For this purpose, atQor offers Microsoft viva connections consulting services where the companies can provide intranet to their workforce.  

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Moreover, it includes chat and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams to enhance internal communication, build professional connections, stay updated with news, and exchange valuable ideas and thoughts.  


Finally, atQor, a certified Microsoft Gold partner, helps organizations increase employee engagement with viva connections and offer them relevant news related to the workplace. 


What is Viva Connections? 

Microsoft Viva connections is a dedicated framework where an enterprise can deliver the intranet with the collaboration and chat tools to their workforce integrated into Microsoft teams. 


This personalized portal allows organizations to engage employees, communicate effectively, and connect them with recent news and activities. 


However, Microsoft viva connections offer enterprises to develop a modern workplace where employees can share their innovative ideas, engage in crucial tasks, and participate in social activities from any geographical location.  


Besides, viva connections integrate with Microsoft 365, leverage the functionalities, and deliver information from all social networking apps like SharePoint, Stream, and Yammer.  


Viva connections integration into Microsoft Teams will optimize the employee experience from the frontline workers to the executives.  


Moreover, they can access internal communications and company resources like policies, benefits, and solutions with viva connections services integrated into Microsoft Teams. 


Indeed, the high-tech firm can deliver a viva connections app to their workforce for mobile devices to connect to the workplace on the go. 


In this regard, atQor offers corporate companies personalized, curated, and innovative employee experiences through viva connections consulting services. 

Viva Connections Features Boost Your Employee Engagement


Microsoft viva dashboard is designed explicitly for the workforce and employees, bringing all the necessary services that help boost their performance and engagement. 




The feeds feature of the viva connections will update the workforce regarding an organization's social activities, news, and upcoming events. 



Viva connections offer a centralized platform for the workforce to access the relevant content or resources like company documents, news, announcements, and websites.  


In this digital era, it is a fact that enterprises can achieve higher business growth with excellent employee engagement.  

For this purpose, Microsoft viva connections offer high-tech firms and organizations some salient features that can increase and improve employee engagement. 

Why Choose atQor for Microsoft Viva Connections?

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atQor is the certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

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We have a professional and skilled team of viva consultants who help empower customer experience. 

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We have 18+ years of technical competence in using Microsoft technologies.

How Viva Connection Builds Creative and Collaborative Workplace 


Microsoft viva connections offer a productive, engaging, and innovative employee experience portal, essential for team leaders and managers to develop their strategies.  


Moreover, it allows managers to create a flexible workplace that includes two-way communication and sharing of innovative business ideas between employees to deliver excellent results. 


  • Organizations can create a personalized employee experience 

With the help of the SharePoint intranet and Microsoft Teams, it becomes easier for an employee to access essential news and updates regarding the activities of an organization.  

Microsoft viva connections deliver the specific information or content from the organization's SharePoint intranet and help develop a personalized employee experience to keep the workforce updated with relevant content.  

Besides, the frontline workers can easily access company resources, activities, news and complete crucial tasks through dynamic dashboards and adaptive cards. 


  • Improves and enhances workforce engagement 

Viva connections dashboards provide unique functionality to the high-tech firm to customize dashboards for different employee groups. For instance, limited content access for the frontline workers and complete authority to modify and update the task status to the SharePoint managers.  

Enterprise can save their time by delivering workforce with a short brief of the valuable content. 


  • The mobile-friendly app saves productive time for employees  

Viva connections app provides organizations and their workforce with a streamlined experience to monitor and track the list of tasks from mobile-friendly apps. 

Finally, the viva connections boost workforce communication and help them contribute to the crucial business discussions from any location during transition.  

In this manner, the workforce can participate and share their feedback in conversations related to the professional news, activities, and announcements. 

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