Monitor your organization's performance while maximizing your business potential with SharePoint Managed Services. 

With 20+ years of experience providing excellent harePoint managed services, we use dynamic approaches to monitor ongoing performance and assist you in offering overall system protection. Our SharePoint consulting team offers professional SharePoint guidance to maintain your enterprise and target its core activities. A few of our SharePoint solutions for intranet include document management systems and modern page customization. At the same time, our SharePoint integration support team comes with an enterprise service like ECM, ERP, DMS, CRM, email, and other social media platforms. 

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Use Microsoft SharePoint solutions to collaborate and bring your business together by getting help from an expert security and support team. We offer seamless migration, implementation, and integration, adding excellent value to your business. Here's what we have to offer. 


  • SharePoint online access
  • Improved OneDrive experience 
  • Customization Support 
  • Integration Support 
  • Managed Azure services 
  • Compliance and security 
  • Access to features 24x7 
  • Reduced cost and scale 

Our Reliable SharePoint Managed Services

Sharepoint Administration White
SharePoint Administration

Using our SharePoint administrator service, use a single system to manage multiple servers. We care about your site and user provisioning, workflow configuration, permissions management, and managing SharePoint collections. Our team ensures to offer clients the best-satisfied services.

Sharepoint Operational Management White
SharePoint Operational Management

Make your SharePoint implementation process simpler and more productive by monitoring the SharePoint server and taking continuous backups of all Microsoft components like Teams, Power Platform, etc. We have a more focused team that meets the customers' specific needs.

Sharepoint Support And Maintenance White
SharePoint Support and Maintenance

Our SharePoint support team helps in troubleshooting and issue resolution. We maintain end-to-end SharePoint infrastructure while providing excellent user support. Our on-premises SharePoint cumulative update checks and installation are done with the help of our SharePoint experts.

Add On Sharepoint Services White
Add-on SharePoint Services

Give your user proper installations and configuration guidance for using Add-ons SharePoint services. Our SharePoint migration and architecture design team support in offering customized SharePoint development and adopting a change management system.

Our Core SharePoint Solutions and Capabilities

Discover how our deep expertise transforms how business is done using powerful SharePoint strategies. atQor, a Microsoft solution partner company, delivers excellent SharePoint solutions based on your requirements.

Sharepoint Architecture Blue Sharepoint Architecture White

SharePoint Architecture

Using well-planned and executed architecture, we can perform intelligently and use high-performing sites and intranet.

Sharepoint Migration Blue Sharepoint Migration White

SharePoint Migration

We help you migrate your data from various systems, maintaining integrity without compromising security.

Sharepoint Consulting And Customization Blue Sharepoint Consulting And Customization White

SharePoint Consulting

We offer excellent consulting at each stage of your SharePoint project. Allow our team to tailor the approach by extracting the best practices.

Sharepoint Branding Blue Sharepoint Branding White

SharePoint Branding

Deliver effective SharePoint solutions such as SharePoint branding to design functional, technical, and brand-related skill sets.

Sharepoint Custom Development Blue Sharepoint Custom Development White

SharePoint Custom Development

Our custom development solutions are mostly based on the client's requirements while strongly emphasizing the development process.

System Integration Blue System Integration White

System Integration

Our experience SharePoint team adds rich features, including social elements, file sharing, and other collaboration in your business.


  • To improve user experience and make tasks easier. 
  • To get centralized administration management with controlled platforms. 
  • To learn new tools and personalize your brand. 
  • To offer data protection and fulfil regulatory requirements. 

SharePoint supports various browsers, which include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Explorer. If you need clarification about the proper guidance, connect to our SharePoint consulting team to get your business done correctly.

We have an excellent team of SharePoint developers who are experts in offering fast, compelling, and flexible solutions. Using our SharePoint managed services, we help create dynamic and user-friendly sites. Get ready to enhance your capacity using full-fledged operations with us.

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