Partner with Microsoft SharePoint and deliver collaborative and practical services. Add value to your business and provide unparallel solutions to it. 

Microsoft SharePoint Partners refer to partners' support, consulting, and implementation services and our expertise in SharePoint technology. Choosing a partner helps an organization plan, design, deploy, and manage SharePoint-based solutions with meeting business-specific requirements. Moreover, the services offered by Microsoft SharePoint Partners include customized SharePoint, migration of existing data, and integration of SharePoint with other Microsoft products. 

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Microsoft SharePoint Partner Services Offering

Intranet On The Box White
Intranet Development Services

One can develop a custom intranet through SharePoint and easily streamline employee communication. Integrate your customized websites with subdomains for each department by including relevant cloud web app links and essential business updates. Later, integrate with yammer to promote the collaboration. 

Migration White
Migration and Adoption Services

It is a process of sharing and moving your data and application from an older version of SharePoint to the latest version. The goal of this service is to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition by taking advantage of new features and capabilities. Overall, one gets to streamline content as well as resources. 

Project Tracking & Security White
Project Management Services

It is a service that refers to the processes, tools, and techniques that are used to plan effectively, execute, and manage SharePoint projects with ease. Moreover, one can define the project goals, develop plans, assign tasks, and monitor the results. Our team ensures the implementation is successful, cost-effective, and without any issues. 

Performance Monitoring White
KPI Monitoring and Financial Dashboard Services

Using this service, one can easily create and monitor the real-time visibility of an organization and its financial performance. Improve the decision-making skills and identify the areas of improvement using the financial dashboard. Monitor the KPI using the automated update and analyze the performance trends over time. 

Microsoft SharePoint Partner Features

Meet your business requirements using the Microsoft SharePoint Partner features and efficiently track the business process. Connecting with atQor's Microsoft SharePoint Partner is an excellent choice as we help you provide rapid development and support you in achieving tangible results.  

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SharePoint Upgrades

Sharepoint Consulting Blue Sharepoint Consulting White

SharePoint Consulting

Sharepoint Implementation Blue Sharepoint Implementation White

SharePoint Implementation

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SharePoint Design

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SharePoint Partner Dashboard

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SharePoint Partner APIs

Benefits of Choosing a Microsoft SharePoint Partner

Connecting with a Microsoft SharePoint partner comes with lots of benefits. As SharePoint is a collaboration platform, it offers organizations increased mobility and reduces the need for expensive custom software development. 

Improved Productivity Blue Improved Productivity White

Improved Productivity

Streamline and automate your business process by utilizing SharePoint capabilities.

Integration Blue Integration White


Get a centralized location for data, manage, and share information by integrating with SharePoint. 

Scalability Blue Scalability White


SharePoint is highly flexible and allows organizations to scale their deployment based on their needs. 

Cost Savings Blue Cost Savings White

Cost Savings

SharePoint does not need more staff to maintain multiple systems, which ultimately reduces the expense. 

Access To Microsoft Resources Blue Access To Microsoft Resources White

Access to Microsoft Resources

Microsoft Office suite, Azure, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Teams can be accessed through SharePoint. 

Support Blue Support White


The support team helps to resolve technical errors and minimize downtime by improving the overall experience. 

Why atQor for Microsoft SharePoint Partner?

Using the SharePoint services helped drive massive improvements and quickly optimized the projects across the desktop and web. 

SharePoint comes with excellent security and compliance features that help to develop custom applications quickly.  

When we talk about Microsoft SharePoint development, it comes with reliable services to grow your business globally. 

We have an empowered team who have passion for SharePoint and offer a clear understanding of the services. 


atQor positions itself as a strong partner for Microsoft SharePoint users based on several key factors:

    • Deep Expertise: With over 22 years of experience in Microsoft solutions, atQor has a proven track record of successful deployments and integrations. Their team holds various Microsoft partner badges, including Gold Partner and Azure Expert MSP, indicating their high level of technical knowledge.

    • Focus on Productivity: atQor emphasizes process automation and compliance reporting solutions to enhance business productivity through SharePoint. This focus can help streamline workflows and improve efficiency for your organization.

    • Client-Centric Approach: atQor highlights its commitment to client satisfaction with a "Client First Policy" and a team dedicated to ensuring the latest and best solutions for your specific needs 

Our SharePoint team helps to resolve complex SharePoint projects and only focuses on critical areas to be resolved. SharePoint comes with various out-of-the-box functions, so it's unsuitable for all businesses. Therefore, to fully customize your unique industry requirements, we support you in offering a solution and increasing your overall ROI. 

SharePoint consultants have a wide range of technical knowledge and industry experience to understand the customer's unique pain points. They help you migrate and adopt the strategy to integrate into SharePoint by automating the manual task with ease. If you're considering migrating to the newer version and encompassing it all, Bitscape is for you. Get connected for a quick solution for your business. 

  • With increasing user adoption 
  • Reducing Cost and increasing ROI 
  • Improving User Experience 
  • With Streamlining Communication 
  • Enhancing efficiency across the organization 
  • By consolidating document management systems 

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