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SharePoint CMS is preferable for internal communication as it works as an amazing intranet CMS solution. Users use its effective way to share digital data with employees and add metadata for a better description. Get centralized file storage space and make it quicker for your employees to collaborate and share data remotely. By using the SharePoint Content management system, one can enable the right content to the right people and prevent an overload of information.


atQor, a 20+ year Microsoft solution partner company, implements CMS into your system for convenient and secure management. We use SharePoint CMS to widely employ ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and add out-of-the-box features to increase productivity and collaboration tools. We also use various integration tools, rich document management functionality, and collaborative tools for real-time collaboration and offering secured data.

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Why is SharePoint CMS often used in most companies?


As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we help users collaborate, foster productivity, and improve growth. As a trusted SharePoint development company, we have helped small to large enterprises based on their requirements. Here are a few reasons to choose our SharePoint online development services.





Maximize your investment with our comprehensive SharePoint solutions. Whether it's intranet development, content management, or workflow automation, capitalize on our expertise for an optimized and efficient business environment.

Why is SharePoint CMS often used in most companies?

As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we help users collaborate, foster productivity, and improve growth. As a trusted SharePoint development company, we have helped small to large enterprises based on their requirements. Here are a few reasons to choose our SharePoint online development services.

Gold Collaboration And Content Blue Gold Collaboration And Content White

Organizing : With SharePoint CMS, users can well-organize their data into storage folders or locations they prefer.

Web Page Blue Web Page White

Publishing Capabilities : Add quality control, measurable processes, quick review, and approval processes.

Harnessed Workflow Blue Harnessed Workflow White

Workflow : Get an automated workflow by adding review, routing, and publishing efficiently.

Goevernance Security Goevernance Security White

Security Controls : Users can easily prevent unauthorized data access by taking care of any changes or deletions.

Few of our other effective SharePoint Content Management Components


Business Process Management

Get an essential business workflow capability by adding simple process management to automate and optimize the business process easily. As a SharePoint solution provider, we identify which process works best for your business and help you with proper SharePoint BPM.


Knowledge Management

Our SharePoint developer creates a design, develop, and help users adopt tools and KMS solutions. The tools we use to add custom knowledge management sites to collaborate and align solutions in your business process by meeting your KMS requirements.


Enterprise Search

SharePoint enterprise search offers a highly efficient solution that comes with using advanced technologies. Enterprise search helps organizations utilize data in databases, document management systems, and intranets.



SharePoint Imaging offers a platform that comes with an affordable platform that allows you to scan, search, and view documents with ease. Use the solution to manage your organization’s unstructured data using Microsoft SharePoint imaging.



With the SharePoint collaboration service, users can enable users to work together on various real-time projects regardless of their location. Connect to our SharePoint developers and use collaborative tools for sharing knowledge and ideas with improved decision-making.

Capitalize your investment with our SharePoint Solutions


Sharepoint Intranet Consulting Blue Sharepoint Intranet Consulting White

Intranet Development

Our SharePoint developers take a bold and intuitive step to offer a simple and user-friendly design. The SharePoint intranet portal helps customers enhance collaboration and enables a flexible workplace.

Partner Portal Partner Portal White

Portal Development

Get ready to boost your business value with SharePoint portal development. Our SharePoint consultant helps organizations improve employee collaboration by simplifying internal and external processes.

Employee Satisfaction Blue Employee Satisfaction White

Employee Management

If you want a personalized employee experience and digitized workspace, connect with us to increase your business value. We are a one-stop solution company to create robust web portals.

Document Management System Blue Document Management System White

Document Management

With years of experience in offering the best SharePoint development services, our solutions allow users to well-organized data with managing large numbers of documents with ease. Connect to our consultant to accelerate your business operations.

Define Customer Experience Maturity Define Customer Experience Maturity White

Customer Portal

Streamline how you manage your customer portal by connecting with our SharePoint portal development team. We help to add and manage excellent business operations to facilitate a wide range of collaboration and internal business processes.

Identity And Access Management (1) Identity And Access Management White (1)

Learning Management

Now, create, design, track, and distribute the workforce based on your business requirements. As a perfect SharePoint platform provider, we offer the best eLearning management tool to create and control a workforce focusing on innovation.

Threat Protection HR White

HR Management

Automate your organization’s HRMS system by simplifying it, tracking, and managing the onboarding process by handling the HR task efficiently. Connect to our SharePoint HRMS expert and improve your standard HR processes.

Knowledge And Experience Blue Knowledge And Experience White

Knowledge Management

Our SharePoint team builds robust knowledge management solutions to support organizations and offer steady growth. At the same time, our SharePoint developer offers varieties of Knowledge management solutions for customers.

Custom Web Portal Development Blue Custom Web Portal Development White

Self-service Portal

Get a central hub for your business that can offer a consistent way to access documents and use business processes by adding a self-service portal. Our SharePoint expert designs the portal based on your custom requirement.

Vendor Compliance And Review Vendor Compliance And Review White

Vendor Portal

Looking to manage your vendor portal, we have dedicated SharePoint developers who provide solutions to deploy and reuse the file. These files can be easy to access and share among customers and vendors from ERP/CRM to SharePoint portal.

Do More with Less with using our SharePoint Content Management Components

With DMS, the user gets a centralized document repository, unique identifiers, enterprise search, document categorization, automated notification, real-time data collaboration, document workflows, and more to improve productivity and manage documents efficiently.  

SharePoint technologies and products come with integrated functionality to easily manage digital media content. It includes a few capabilities, like playing video/audio directly into SharePoint products and adding media asset libraries to the SharePoint server.

Organizations can store and secure essential records with integrated record management tools to reach their final stage. It adds functionalities like centralized record keeping, improving legal and regulatory compliance, help to secure business and essential records.

A web CMS app supports managing and authoring web content, including text, documents, images, and more. A few capabilities it includes are templates, multi-site, page layouts, web content editor, mobility, and content management workflows.


The content management system is a system that helps users organize and manage files and documents with ease. Additionally, users can add record media assets and web content throughout the lifecycle by enabling users to create, manage, modify, publish, share, and store content on a platform.

It is observed that a SharePoint CMS offers a powerful collaboration tool where users get to use different features to add more value to their business. These include content organizer, modified library, managed metadata services, records management, shared content types, and data integration with Microsoft 365 services.

There’re several reasons to go with the SharePoint CMS solution over other solutions. It includes:

  • Centralized administration
  • Enhanced security and robust third-party integration
  • Built-in functionality and improved workforce productivity
  • Optimized content delivery and reduced-cost services.
  • Get continuous improvement.   
  • Custom Content Templates
  • Page Layouts and Navigation
  • Unique CMS Branding
  • Custom Content Life Cycle workflow
  • Enhance Security

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