Train your workforce using a single and unified platform for doing business with SharePoint LMS.

As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we have 20+ years of experience providing exceptional SharePoint services to industries across the US, India, and Canada. At atQor, you get professional SharePoint developers who help provide excellent learning management solutions. We offer out-of-the-box features fulfilling the custom requirements of the users. Our toolsets include attractive designs and easy-to-manage solutions.


We help our customers by using SharePoint as an LMS solution provider. Our LMS consulting service team provides ideal solutions for clients to improve the learning process. During our LMS adoption, SharePoint experts translate into a polished toolset and benefit users by offering a reliable learning workflow. Implement a high-quality learning management system and build an efficient, user-friendly design by adding excellent learning techniques. 

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Common Learning Management System Features

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User-friendly Interface

Our LMS platform aligns with the businesses’ and users’ goals and abilities. Moreover, the risks of UI can sometimes distract users, which makes your LMS ineffective. Therefore, a SharePoint developer guides you through the UI process. 

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Support Services

With LMS support services, users can assist learners using technical issues by adding routine help requests, including setting passwords, running necessary reports, ensuring learners get notifications, monitoring features, and resolving integration glitches. 

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Responsive Design

Access LMS from any device, including desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. At the same time, the LMS system displays the version automatically that best suits the user’s requirements. Also, one can download the content to work offline. 

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Our SharePoint developers know how to add an LMS gamification feature to your system. LMS gamification helps users quickly elevate the training and learning experience to benefit employees by adding popular strategies and boosting employee engagement.  

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Reports and Analytics

If you’re a user who is looking for an eLearning assessment tool, then LMS offers an effective online tool to help learners and individuals to train online. LMS supports users in analyzing tools and metrics. Choose our LMS to generate and track data from one place. 

Digital Transformation Strategy White (1)

Our SharePoint development team is aware of the localizing of your training content. We offer learning management modules that support translation and learning element localization throughout the system. Eliminate the need to create multiple instances for each language. 

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Content Interoperability and Integration

LMS stores the content and packs with the interoperable standard, including xAPI and SCORM. While LMS integration comes with an ability to send, receive, and share data with existing software across the tech stack. Choose our SharePoint LMS solution and structure a smooth workflow.

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Social Learning Capabilities

We socialized your learning with atQor LMS solutions and social learning tools. Our tools fill the gap by providing dashboards, leaderboards, interactive polls, newsfeeds, and more to boost employee engagement. Our SharePoint developers drive your business through dynamics learning. 

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Catalog and Course Management

LMS has an excellent catalog feature with a list of courses an institute or organization offers. Users can use an advanced solution to build and manage an online catalog, which can be helpful in training programs, higher education, and conferences. 

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Artificial Intelligence

AI plays a vital role in streamlining the education system. AI comes with automated capabilities to develop innovative and smart LMS with better tracking and management of onboarding employees. Add virtual assistant, voice recognition, and automated testing tools with AI.

Learning Management Solutions

Elevate your organization's training initiatives with atQor's Learning Management Solutions. Our tailored solutions streamline content delivery, track progress, and enhance employee development. From customizable courses to robust analytics, we provide a comprehensive platform to optimize learning experiences across various industries.

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Learning Content Management

Choose a SharePoint-based LMS system to centralize your learning experience and create a well-structured system for your business.

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Learning Security and Compliance

Our SharePoint experts ensure advanced protection for learning content and offer immunity workflow and collaboration.

Digital Transformation Strategy (1) Digital Transformation Strategy White (1)

Learning Assessment

Evaluate your learning experience, reward your learners, add feedback, and track achievement by adding learning assessments to your system.

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Learning Centric Collaboration

Get continuous interaction between the learning community, trainees, and mentors across all devices by connecting with the SharePoint development team.

Analytics Powered Analytics Powered White

Learning Analytics and Reporting

As a SharePoint solution provider, we integrate with professional analytical teams to track your personal and group learning process.

Intelligent Security Intelligent Security

Intelligent Learning

Our team uses the latest SharePoint technology to provide custom AI-based solutions and transform your LMS system into an intelligent learning environment.

Why choose atQor for Learning Management System?

One Stop Shop Solutions for comprehensive and efficient services.

Experience excellent support services with our dedicated and responsive team.

Unlock complete platform performance for seamless and efficient operations.

Enable quick integration for streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency

Engage with certified SharePoint professionals for expert solutions and optimal platform performance.

Achieve a 100% success rate with our proven and reliable solutions.


LMS works as an online platform to store large volumes of materials in a digitized manner. The solution comes with the capability to manage content, automate tasks, and additionally streamline the content in any remote location. Primarily, the solutions are used in the organization to train employees, schools, and various corporate enterprises. Use the LMS tool to empower your teaching experience and enhance your classes, seminars, and workshops. 

LMS is a solution with a common use case, including customer training to provide users with more value, especially by adding an effective onboarding process. Other uses include partner training, employee onboarding, member training, Compliance training, employee development and retention, sales enablement, and more. 

All you need to do is define your requirements, approach a Microsoft Solution Partner company, and get professional help. We are one of the top SharePoint solutions partner companies to assist you in gathering relevant information based on AI and providing optimal performance. Our key features are aligned based on LMS’s vision and the needs of your business. Our professional SharePoint developers develop an amazing LMS tool and test it properly to avoid glitches. Lastly, we deploy it on a suitable platform. 

  • Active User – It is needed when LMS buyers pay for the first interaction, no matter how many times a user login into the system.
  • Registration Model – The model calculates how many have registered for a specific course and how many users buy their content to earn certification. 
  • Product Based – This model enables adding e-payment functionality based on the business and product requirements. 
  • Revenue Share – The registration model is tailored with revenue share, where content sales are awarded to an LMS vendor.
  • Open-source learning management system.
  • Enterprise LMS to use SaaS and installed LMS to maintain and store data on the cloud.
  • Industry-specific LMS based on your niche.

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